Confess Him as Lord

It is this great Creator and Sustainer of all life who also desires to be our personal Lord. And, hearts truly touched by Him are willing to make Him Lord of their lives.

Paul called Him the Lord Jesus (Acts 20:35). Sinners are invited to believe on the Lord Jesus (Acts 16:31). The redeemed thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord (Romans 7:25). The Lord Jesus is coming (I Thessalonians 2:19)! Every tongue -- redeemed and unredeemed -- shall then confess at the judgment that He is Lord, to the glory of God the Father (Philippians 2:11). This is a confession that we can make here by our lives when we truly allow Jesus to be Lord! This is done by allowing Jesus to rule our words and our deeds. Have you made that great confession and been baptized? Every child of God has confessed and obeyed. Are you ready to become a child of God?

How precious is the Lord Jesus to the sinner saved by grace! He is the way home to God (John 14:6). Do you know Christ? Is He your Lord?

Allow Jesus Christ to be your Savior and your Lord.

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