died "for you and me." But Jesus also arose from the dead (Mark 16:1-8). He died for our sins and arose bodily from the grave, having conquered death. This is no idle dream; this is truth! We have only one possible Savior: Jesus Christ!

The Forgiveness

of Sin

God does not want us to suffer the eternal consequences of sin. God desires to forgive all sinners. Jesus takes away the guilt of sin and provides Christians with peace, victory and security. The precious blood of Jesus will wash away our sins (Acts 22:16). He came to "put away" sin; to cancel the debt we owe (Hebrews 9:26-28). The offer of God is "eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord" (Romans 6:23). There are two sides to this forgiveness: God's offer and our acceptance. Although salvation from sin is a gift, it must be accepted! To begin to find forgiveness, all believers must repent (Acts 3:19; 17:30; 2 Peter 3:9). Following repentance, God has commanded all believers to be immersed (baptized) for the remission of sins (Acts 2:38; I Peter 3:21).

Through our obedience and acceptance every sin and failure of the past is put aside, and the power of sin is overcome. This does not mean that you will never sin again; it does mean that your relationship to God has changed and that now constant forgiveness is available as you walk in the light of the Lord Jesus (1 John 1:7-10).

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