Bible Correspondence Course

Lesson 3
Your Hope

Instructions for Students

Welcome to our One Nation Under God Bible Correspondence Course!

1. As you read each lesson, look up the Scriptures in your Bible. The New King James Version* is used.

2. After studying a lesson, examine the Questions at the end and answer them before going to the next lesson. After answering all the questions, press Submit and they will be sent to your teacher by e-mail.

3. Make sure you give your complete name and address so your reviewed lessons can be returned to you.

Lesson 3


Jesus our Lord is the plan! Without Him, there is no fellowship with God, no forgiveness of sins, no salvation, no hope, no future and no repair for broken relationships. But with Him, all these things are possible. God made it possible through Jesus Christ! But how do we respond to the plan of God?

God's Promises Are For All

Look at the way people responded at the beginning of Christ's Church (Acts 2) when the gospel was first preached. Jesus was proclaimed as the resurrected Lord and Christ. This came as shocking news to those who saw they had rejected and murdered the One Who brought God's salvation.

*The New King James Version. Copytright ©1979, 1980, 1982 by Thomas Nelson Inc., Publishers.

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